A Haunting in Novelty Ohio is No Joke


Our good friend Amanda, who we met during a ghost hunt at the Mansfield Reformatory a few years ago, contacted us with a request. “I’ve got some weird things happening over here, can you come check it out?” she writes in a FaceBook message. As usual in these types of situations I replied “Of Course, when can we come by?” We setup a time to visit her house in a small town in eastern Geauga County called Novelty, Ohio and I filled Jesse in on the situation. That was over a year ago and we’ve made several trips back to this location still trying to solve the mystery of the haunting in Novelty.

The family of the house includes two children, both boys, 4 and 7, the husband, three cats, two dogs and our friend Amanda. They have reported hearing strange banging noises on the walls, footsteps in the hallway, footsteps coming up the basement stairs and banging on the basement door among other things. Both boys claimed to have seen a shadow figure moving about their rooms at night with the 7 year old saying he woke up in the middle of the night with a “shadow man” right in his face. It retreated into the closet once he awoke. The pets seem to be reacting to the disturbances as well with the dogs growling at thin air.

During one of our visits we attempted to use a spirit box to communicate with whatever was causing all the commotion. A spirt box is basically an FM radio that automatically scans through different frequencies so the user hears a mix of white noise and the fleeting voices from stations. It’s very subjective to interpretation and very numbing of ones brain after a while but can yield interesting results. Around midnight or so we asked how many spirits were present and the number “seven” was clearly heard. When asked to name them a whole series of names could be heard amongst the white noise and radio station warble. But just at that moment a creaking door echoed through the house. We all turned to see the seven year old boy exiting his room and standing just outside his door looking down at the floor. Amanda rushed to his side and asked if he was ok. No response, he just stood there looking straight down at the floor. She asked again and gently shook him by the shoulders, he turned around and climbed back into bed without a word.

The last time we were there in mid-December we arrived early and spent time playing with the boys before starting our investigation. Since our last visit, the husband, who was becoming less and less skeptical of the activity at the house, had an encounter. He awoke one evening from a deep sleep and was unable to breath. Just before his eyes opened he could hear a strange voice right in his ear and as he opened his eyes he saw a shadow figure exit the bedroom and could hear footsteps down the hallway. He checked on both kids and they were fast asleep in their rooms. I was concerned the activity was escalating and possibly turning violent so I came with a bottle of holy water I had obtained from a friend in the Catholic Church. We spent the night doing our usual investigation with not much happening. That didn’t last…

After a while of nothing happening, I decided to take the holy water and make the rounds. I went around to each bedroom door and made a cross with a little dab of holy water on my finger. I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen by doing this, I guess I thought it might stir things up. When I got back into the doorway leading into the kitchen, one of the dogs growled at me and started to bark, very odd since I’d been here for a few hours now with no issues. A little later on I was still thinking about that dog when my fingers ran across the bottle of holy water in my pocket, I had an idea. I put a little holy water on my left hand, just enough for it to be slightly moist and got the dogs attention. She was laying on the couch and looked up at me so I knelt down beside her and pet her with my right hand. She leaned into my hand and seemed to be fine with me being there. I switched hands and touched her with the holy water, she instantly reacted with a short growl and a series of loud barking which startled everyone in the room. I backed up and sat down until she was calmed. The rest of the night was uneventful.

Update: Read part two to find out what happens next.