A Haunting in Novelty Ohio: The Demon Speaks

On the same day I posted my first blog post about this I received a message from Amanda, she had recorded a video of the most recent activity. If you haven’t read the first post please do that now before continuing.

First Post: A Haunting in Novelty Ohio is No Joke

Amanda tells me that she and the boys had a weird experience and it was all recorded on her phone. She asked if it’s possible for a spirit to communicate through the TV. I thought she had recorded an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon ) but it wasn’t, it was much more than that.

It was sometime during the week of February 8th, 2016 at the house in Novelty, Ohio. Our friend Amanda was sitting on the couch with the television paused when a strange voice was heard coming through the TV speakers. She had her phone in hand already so she started recording a video. The boys were home and watching TV in another room and came out to investigate. The voice continued on a bit then stopped, it has not been heard since.

In the video you can just catch a glimpse of the television and it appears to be paused when a loud sharp sounding voice cuts through the background noise of the boys TV in the other room. The voice is heard very clearly though its tone is gravelly and rough sounding making it difficult to decipher the words being spoken. I couldn’t make out anything and hoped it was maybe speaking another language, like Latin, that I could have translated. I sent the video to Beyond the Veil Paranormal for review and hopefully, translation.

The initial feedback I received from them was that the voice is most likely speaking English but it’s not coming through very clearly making it hard to understand. Only what sounds like the repeated syllable “jai” could be picked out. Like myself, they believe the presence in the house is demonic. They will continue to review the video and hope to decipher more in the future. If I hear back with more info I’ll post another update. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “A Haunting in Novelty Ohio: The Demon Speaks

  1. I am having a hard time thinking it is a Demon the electromagnetic field that it would generate would be present and would cause the camera to go into overtrack mode creating artifacting and audio distortion along with the TV, as I did not hear or see this present in the video. I believe it to be a spirit it sounds like a chant for it repeat the same word over again. I would check to see if there is and native American item they may own that it may be possessing in all a good catch

  2. Hello- this to me does not sound Latin, but possibly a native American dialect. Was the land researched? If the owner went to local library they would help her. I found out our small town (Steubenville OH) had Indian mounds at one time in the now downtown and also graveyards all over by the churches. Over 600 bodies were dug up and moved when they made a new cemetery up town. I would even send this to an expert linguist. Good luck

    1. Awesome! We’ve done some research but haven’t turned up anything significant yet. We’ll try and post any updates that we may have in the future.

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