Adventures might become memories, but friends last forever

We cross paths with others in life all the time. Some people are with us for mere moments, others stay awhile and share their time with us and move on. Then there are those who come into our lives and mark it. They change it, they leave us with not a fleeting memory of who they are but a life etched on our timeline, never to really leave. Honestly, I can’t recall how the idea really started. Alan and I had got our Fathom Frontiers rolling and we were (and still are) loving getting out to the woods and seeing what adventures we could find.

At some point we were invited to be on The Bigfoot Field Reporters talk show, hosted by someone named Sharonlee. we were thrilled to be on the show and though we were still pretty green as things go in the Bigfoot world, we dove in head first with child like abandon, and disregard for what could happen. Well, we are glad we did.

What also worked out great for us is the Sharonlee lived here in Northern Ohio, a mere 1/2 hour away from us. One of our most memorable research adventures included spending time on some private property in southern Ohio. We were able to camp on the edge of a U shaped holler, right in the middle of what had been an active area for sightings and sounds. During one of the nights we played recordings from the Sierra Sounds,and we got a loud howl back, followed by the sound of a tree being pushed down. This really happened. The hiking at night was risky do to tree fall from a recent storm, so even with flashlights we stayed around camp. That ended being the only interaction we had. You can read about the adventure here

During that weekend a new adventure idea was born. How about a weekend that is family oriented, and gets people outdoors, we head out into the night in one of the hottest areas for Bigfoot in Ohio, Oh and we’ll learn about other aspects of nature to give us, and everyone else a solid base to learn from when heading to the woods. Great, and The Salt Fork Bigfoot Experience was born! I urge you to check out the links to that first year here.


Since then what is now called Bigfoot Adventure Weekends has grown, as have we, and we have met some amazing people and some have become friends.

This coming Bigfoot Adventure weekend will be noticeably different. The Bigfoot Field Reporter, Sharonlee is moving on to seek other adventures. She will always be a part of this, as with Alan and I we created this incredible weekend. Sharon we thank you for those early mornings and hot coffee and your ability to take a herd of kids and get them together. We thank you for those grocery store runs. I am still amazed you were able to get all of that into your car. Thank you for knowing folks who could provide us with snacks and those incredible breakfast burritos.

Most of all through the sometimes challenging effort to pull this event off,  the rainy days, and sunny days, the drives, we thank you Sharon for your friendship. We hope to be able to share stories of your adventures, in whatever you do.

Alan and I could not do this by ourselves. We knew we needed someone to work with us to help make this happen. We look to past BAW’s and we found who we were looking for. Please welcome the new partner in this adventure, David, “Taters” Wickham. David brings amazing enthusiasm, passion and creative ability, not to mention an interest in the Bigfoot phenomena. We look forward to working with David and bring more awesome adventures to share with folks.

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4 thoughts on “Adventures might become memories, but friends last forever

  1. My name is Sandra Overturf, my husband and I went last year. Unfortunately, for us, everything went wrong, for us. But this year we have a teardrop camper. Problem solved.
    I am offering to help with the food preparations. I was a manager at Polaris Amphitheater. I also was chief buyer, planner and cook for church’s campout with 80 plus people on 3 day weekend, for 3 years. My offer is to help.

    1. So happy to see that you guys are coming back…it was definitely a trying event for you last year. I will be organizing the meals and your help and experience will be invaluable… I will check with Allan and Jesse on the business side of things and get back with you. ..I have started making a list of food items that are fun to prepare and tasty to eat. Looking forward to seeing you both again….Taters. ..

    2. Sandra,

      We our thankful you are coming back, and we appreciate the offer to help. Dave, or “Taters” as we call him will be in charge of the food. We will connect you with him. The food part does always seem to be the biggest challenge. Are you on Facebook? If so feel free to grow,d request Jesse Morgan , If not you can email us here, and we can get your email to Dave. Again, thank you you for the support, and we look forward to having. An awesome Adventure together!

      Best, The BAW Team.

  2. Sharon’s ability to stay up late and talk by the campfire till the last person went to bed, then wake up earlier to get a pot of coffee on and start on breakfast was nothing short of super-human.. I love and respect how she spent time with every guest and made them feel welcome including myself. It is a honor and responsibility to continue the dream while working with two great guys that I call my friends…. thank you sharon Lee for being one of my inspirations, I have big feet to fill..

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