An Open Letter to Friends and Supporters

To all friends and supporters of Fathom Frontiers,

2013 has already been a record year for Fathom Frontiers and we still have half the year left. We have made major strides in several aspects of our vision. This year’s conference at Salt Fork helped solidify our place in The Ohio Bigfoot Organization and we will strive to be leaders for this outstanding group of dedicated people. Our launch of the “Grassman Gear” line of apparel and gear is under way and we plan to bring many very cool and unique products to the masses. Our partnership with Bigfoot Adventure Weekends, though unexpected, was a great surprise and allowed us to be a part of another successful event. Our blog “Journeys into the Frontier”, which debuted in February, was well received and we’ve attracted many more readers than we had hoped. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of many individuals and everyone who took the time to check us out. We thank all of you. The list of supporters, who we are ever so grateful to, is much too long to post here but I would like to recognize the top of the list: Marc DeWerth (our mentor), Sharon Lee (our hero), Jennifer Kirschenman (our biggest fan), Bea Mills (author extraordinaire), Mark Maisel (the BFRO guru), the entire OBO family and my beautiful girlfriend Holly and her family. Without you none of this matters.

I sit here today on the eve of my 41st birthday at the doorstep of life changing events. On July 1st I will begin a difficult and trying six weeks that will be my final class at Cleveland State University. I’ve been attending classes there for much too long now. I had lost focus and was barely avoiding being shown the door. My lack of a four-year degree had already cost me several promotions at work and even caused one minor demotion a number of months back. It’s been a hard, rough road and as I crawl to the finish line I can only dream of the freedom that lies ahead and reflect on the opportunities missed.  Not only had I missed job opportunities and the financial benefits they included, but I’d lost valuable time. Time I could have spent with my friends and family, time I could have been doing something fun or out in the woods, time I will never get back. When class wraps up Aug 9th I will finally be able to put all of that behind me…to let it go. The future is mine and I WILL be ready for it.

So, I’ll be off the grid, out of the woods and focused, like a laser, on school until mid-August. Oh, I may pop in once in a while just to make sure things haven’t gone off the rails or just to say hi. I’m handing over my keys to Jesse, my best friend of almost 35 years, my brother. He knows what to do. Be strong my friends, never give up and Squatch On!


One thought on “An Open Letter to Friends and Supporters

  1. Alan-

    Good for you. We all have regrets, but not everyone is able to overcome their mistakes. What is important is that you have persevered, and you are now on the verge of accomplishing something that no one can ever take away from you. Congrats in advance, and we’ll look forward to your return to the world of cryptozoology once you have achieved your goal.

    I just met you guys briefly in April at the OBC, my first, and you two were a lot of fun to talk to. We’ll see you in August after all of the graduation parties are over. In the meantime, stay off the internet and keep your nose buried in those school books. Until then, good luck on your finals. We’ll miss you.

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