Bigfoot Adventure Weekends is Serious…Seriously a great time!

For two weeks now, every once in a while I think I catch the faint whisper of the scent of smoke from the camp fire. Myself and the rest of our adventurers had spent a lot of time at the fire sharing stories mostly, to no surprise, about Bigfoot and food, actually eating food cooked over a campfire, listening to those who had went off to their tent cut down trees with some serious snoring and watching the curious do campsite “drive-byes” as some took photos and others seemed to stare frozen straight ahead as if a glance might cause them to be transported next to one us hanging back at the fire. Oh the horror of possibly being offered something to drink or eat.

Bigfoot Adventure Weekends

We spent some serious time hiking the woods all over the Salt Fork area, including a couple of very exciting night hikes. It was thermals, parabolic mics, and snap crackle pop in the dark just inside the wood line, oh my!  Had it been that, and not much more, this weekend would have been a good one in its own right. However, this was no regular camping trip or casual traipsing about the woods… This was Bigfoot Adventure Weekends, and I am just getting started.

This is going to be about a few of my personal takeaways from the weekend, as I know others are going to have their own adventures to share. I will refer to Bigfoot Adventure Weekends as BAW from now on, as that will save me tons of typing, and finger cramps.

One of the ideals I have come to believe in when it comes to Bigfooting, Squatching or however you do it is that it is so much more than going out to the woods and walking around seeking alleged clues. Being in nature is an experience that I think so many of us simply take for granted  when right in our backyard we have the  Ohio State Park system, one of the most vast and amazing in the country. We need to appreciate it, respect it and its employees and, perhaps most of all- use it.

The BAW team of Fathom Frontiers and The Bigfoot Field Reporter chose Salt Fork State Park for several reasons. The first of which is the relationship the BAW team has with staff at the park. Second, the facilities are amazing and accommodating. Third, the Bigfoot history in that region is incredible.

I have left some of the details shared by others out of this post, because I want them to share it how they saw and felt those moments. My perception, or interpretation of their own experience would be unfair, and I can only speak from the view of seeing adults with the face of that kid inside coming through.

BAW is a weekend that in two short years has already evolved into something that gives me a sight line into the potential future of Bigfooting. This is an opportunity to create a welcoming environment, get people into the woods in an accessible area with established and respected researchers, get hands on training with technology and get some dirty hands on print casting training, educate people about forest and fauna from an on staff Naturalist, (who sniffs trees and is totally awesome) and entertain them-we watched a movie outdoors, how cool is that? All the while everyone is electric with the very real possibility of catching a glimpse of that elusive creature.  I feel like this is just the beginning of something wonderful. I encourage all of you to share your stories, and if you want to write something on here, just lets us know! I hope to join all of you during the next BAW in the Fathom Frontiers!

Thank you for being a part of this.


Can we bring a guitar next time?