Bigfooting is a Family Affair

Fourth  in a series of posts covering the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference that Alan and Jesse of Fathom Frontiers participated in and filmed

The third day of the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference could not have been a more perfect day.  The sky was slightly overcast with more blue than gray, and the temperatures hovered somewhere in the mid-sixties. Alan and I made our way from the Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center lodge over to the Handicapped Picnic area at Salt Fork State Park.

Attendees of the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference pause for photograph at Morgans Knob Trail in Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio

Attendees of the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference pause for photograph at Morgans Knob Trail in Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio


We pulled into the parking lot about 45 minutes before the day’s events were to begin, yet we found ourselves parking in the lower or second lot of the picnic area.

I made my way up to pavilion area; as I was still gathering my faculties from the long day before, I found the usual short uphill walk tedious and laborious. The hot shower had helped, but I need some coffee-stat. With all of the cars in the parking lot, I was at first wondering where everyone was. Unbeknown to Alan and me, the day had got off to a slightly early start with some informal group sessions already started. Not a big deal, it just meant people were excited and ready to get things going.

Kids were running around with half-hearted attempts by their parents to at least keep them in shouting distance; small  groups were scattered all over filled with excited talk of the past couple days, and the anticipation of what today held.

New friendships were being born and old ones rekindled; the excitement of the children and the adults could hardly be told apart, except for the occasional aloof remarks regarding going to work next week. I think I hear Will Smiths, “Summer Time” going through my head. Though, being in the woods makes it just a little different. No, worries, I have no singing skills whatsoever.

As the day would go on, nearly 250 people would be part of several breakout sessions including The Bigfoot Field Reporter, Sharon Lee sharing interviewing techniques; gear for going out in the field presented by Mark Maisel of the BFRO; the latest in electronic equipment for setting up trail cams, and active and engaging print casting by Thom Powell. All of these sessions were interactive, hands-on experiences.  As if this wasn’t enough already, lunch was included in the classic picnic style of burgers and dogs with all the fixins. I heard rumors they made some awesome brownies, but alas, they went before I got my hands on one.

The main attraction of the day was a live wood worker, Snuffy Destefano gettin’ it done with a chain saw and some fire. FIRE!

After what could have been already a great day, and a great conference, we topped it off with a hike on Morgans Knob. For those who may have never made the hike all the way up, I urge you to take the time. It is a decent uphill hike, but you are rewarded with an incredible view of some of the 17,000 acres in the park. It truly is breath taking.

As we drove back to the Lodge with the window down and a nice summer breeze blowing over me, I could not help but think that this summer was going to be something special. Tired, but feeling that warm and fuzzy sensation like we had just been part of something special, Alan and I made our way back to our room to put our feet up and let the weekend begin to soak in.

As we wrap up the story from our perspective, we would really like to hear your stories. Feel free to leave a comment, and share what you loved from the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference weekend! See you next year!

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