I Don’t Remember Seeing That! …UFO?


Interview regarding a UFO Encounter and a person claiming missing time:

I took the liberty of being a good UFO investigator and finally got around to investigating a sighting from fall/winter 1996. It’s a pretty good case, there were 2 witnesses and 3 people present and one of the witnesses claims to have no memory of the event. I’d label it as a FB3 or CE3, a ‘FlyBy’ or ‘Close Encounter’, mid- level, but the jury’s still officially out, at least for now. The weird part, I was the driver and I don’t remember any of this..

The reported event:
I was driving my brother and sister to school in 1996, like I had for over a year, since our schools were maybe 10 minutes apart. My sister always sat ‘shotgun’ and my brother always slept the extra 30-45 minute commute time. I drove the same route everyday, unless I really had to speed, and that wasn’t often. One particular morning, we had just pulled off the country road making a right onto the county road headed for the freeway. About 100 yards along the road, she recalls me pointing out moving lights overhead travelling Northwest. She said we thought it was a low flying plane coming in for a landing at the military base, but it wasn’t a plane. Maybe a helicopter, but it wasn’t that either. She said I slowed the car to a stop on the road and we both stuck our heads out of the windows looking up at the undercarriage of lights when apparently it stopped and hovered over the car for an indeterminable legnth of time. She reports feeling scared and then the lights just ‘flew off’. After the incident, I was told that we simulaneously turned around almost knocking heads to see if our brother had woken up during this, however, he was fast asleep snoring. I moved the car along and dropped them both off to school, on time. She said I didn’t talk the rest of the way to school.
The driver, me, has absolutely no recollection of this event. My sister, on the other hand, recalled several details and even drew a picture for me. I believe her to be a credible witness as she had exposure to the various aircrafts that flew overhead and I’ve never known my sister to be a liar. She’s told me of this case off and on in the past, to which I just dismissed it, on account I remember at least something about everything.

The Facts:
There is an active Military Base less than 10 miles from incident.
Reported time was 0645-0700, sky was dark.
Car was 1986 Honda Civic in good working condition.
There is a landing runway for aircraft coming from the south/ southeast.

Why can’t the driver remember any part of this event?
Could it have been a blimp?
How high up were the lights?
Was there missing time?
Etc, etc, etc….

I was able to ask more questions and the answers were; definitely not a blimp, the lights were higher than a large tree, maybe a 10 story building and not sure about the missing time aspect. It was determined that they had arrived to school on time.
I feel like I missed out on the best personal UFO story ever, and yet I was there…

Drawing by my sister of the lights witnessed over the car, looking up. And yes, she's always had terrible handwriting.

Drawing by my sister of the lights witnessed over the car, looking up. And yes, she’s always had terrible handwriting.

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