Does Bigfoot go bump in the night?

Alan and his team were a few miles deep on the trail, completely engulfed within the darkness. The only reprieve was the swaying red lights back and forth. That is until they heard another set of foot falls. Not one of theirs, it was coming slowly and with purpose off the trail in the grasping branches of the  hillside. soft, yet enough to hear the slow crunching of the dried tree-fall.

Bigfoot goes bump in the night

Alan turns on his blazing torch and illuminates the night. Nothing. Nothing at all. What was it? Another mystery of the night becomes a camp fire story illuminating imagination and the feelings of creepy-crawlies.

What do the woods at night hold for us? Bigfoot? Large cats? Huge chipmunks?

“In short, my friends and I had caught a case of the yips, also known as the creeps. Outdoors, especially when you imagine you’re far from anywhere, the yips are ready to get you at any time.

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