Twisted Tree Drone Flying 101: Don’t aim for the tree

Wires that run through your house, knots that bind two pieces of rope together, a sunrise and sundown, these are all ways that objects and moments connect and are defined. Sometimes we can’t see the connections, though we appreciate them working. The WiFi that allows me to write this post, the cellular connection that will allow me to share this post on Facebook. We might take them for granted, but take them away for a moment, and we will be quickly awakened to the reality of a problem.

A problem. When WiFi gets low, or inconsistent, we will know it by having no webpages, or slow load time of videos. Another is when you need the connection to do your job. Lately, or more like the past 6 or so weeks, I have been working with my friend, and Fathom Frontiers fellow adventurer, Alan, as we work hard to create our next film, The Back 80. One of my jobs is to be the drone pilot. It is incredibly challenging, but provides the reward of an additional array of potential beautiful shots to use in our films.

See, the thing is, unlike what you might of seen on TV, flying a drone in the even slightest breeze can affect the flight path, altitude, and the actual footage you are trying to capture. Well, I wanted to share one of my lesser moments of piloting. Here is the set-up. We wanted to fly down the road at about 50 feet, and follow the slight bends. Well, after a couple attempts, I informed Alan I would have to go above the tree line, as some cross breeze was not allowing me to keep the drone on a straight path. Additionally, despite being within eyesight of the drone, I was having video feed problems. The feed was choppy and not providing me real time information. All of these issues combined were a recipe for me Cough-Cough, crashing the drone (again). .

I began to push the drone into higher altitude, while trying to maintain staying over the road, which looked like a clear path up into the sky. As you view the footage you can see I try to keep correcting to the left (not nearly enough) due to the inconsistent video feed, and we have the resulting crash footage.

Since this incident, now dubbed by the press as the, “There is One tree, Go Hit it”, we have upgraded our drone for better stability and control.  Jesse has also emotionally recovered and is now living in Northern California under an assumed name. To keep up with more stories, and to see if Jesse shows up as a short order cook in Wyoming, make sure to like us: