I saw a UFO…Awesome! Um, now what do I do?

Since my first UFO sighting, I always wondered, what made it special or unique? Surely, I couldn’t be the only person who had had this experience. I had so many questions yet no answers. I like answers, we all like answers. It plagued me that I had to just be “okay” with not knowing and read the few and far between newspaper and TV stories about sightings around the globe. Before the internet, it was challenging to find clues, other stories or even the history of these phenomena. Since then, there are now organizations, clubs, and special interest groups that provide an array of support and testimonies and publish material related to this subject.Stop and look!

For me, it wasn’t until December 2011 that I was introduced to such a group and it was called the “Mutual UFO Network” or, MUFON . A friend at the time laughed at me for not having heard of. I laughed back saying, “You spend too much time on the internet!” Honestly, I was aghast! Seriously, there’s a place to report those things? Oh yes, there is! I opened every box, link and drop down on the website, made my report and then felt ridiculous. What if they laughed at me? I could barely handle the thought. I’d just put what I thought, was my integrity and sanity on some very official looking, very long report and clicked submit!

A few days later, I received a mystery phone call from a female MUFON Investigator. She was personable & to the point. We discussed what I had witnessed and she politely told me I had observed a string of Chinese lanterns based on my painfully detailed description. I was blown away, I had an answer! So, it wasn’t a small battalion of UFO’s heading in from the South low on the horizon, but to me- it didn’t matter. I was impressed, and of course, had to know more. But our phone conversation was done and I had my first experience with MUFON.

Inspired by that interaction, I signed right up as a member. I was granted access to their journal, closed case files, years’ worth of reports, and Filers Files. There was a tab on the site that said “Become a MUFON Field Investigator”, it seemed right up my alley, but I was hesitant, what did I know? I had just mistaken Chinese lanterns for UFOs- I had a lot to learn.

A few days after signing up, I received another mystery phone call from a gentleman, Pete Hartinger, with the Roundtown UFO Society. He had a wise voice and spoke with open arms and tenure on the study of UFOs. He sounded so excited to ask me to check out his group in Circleville, Ohio on an upcoming evening. I was a little more than hesitant, but intrigued nonetheless, and made my entrance an hour late (it was work related!)

No one seemed to mind (I made my dad go with me for back up) when I walked into this meeting room and sat down. The cast of characters were as different and unique as you might find visiting a state fair. There were young, middle and elderly present. All of different backgrounds, walk of life, personal experiences, and zip codes. More than half had never before witnessed a UFO in their life! Yet, here they were ready help with the research and support the mission statement “Seeking Answers”. I had definitely found a home to continue my exploration of the study of UFOs.

It took maybe another 6 months before I managed the nerve to send out for the investigator’s manual. I had grown somewhat tired of hearing all these stories and wondering “how did they figure that out?” and, based on what? Well, this 300+ page manual certainly changed my tune and gave me more information than I ever thought possible. I felt like I had to become not just a wonder-lusting gal, but a scientist, an FAA certified pilot, an astronomer, a radiologist, a botanist, etc… Perhaps I am simply a mad troubadour with reliable transportation, a scene kit and a hot-list of phone numbers ready for the moment when my hard core investigative skills were needed!

3 thoughts on “I saw a UFO…Awesome! Um, now what do I do?

  1. Writing a blog about your experiences is by far the best therapy I have found and helps others who are afraid to speak out!
    Please read my journals to see my own journey into the world of ufos

    1. Andy,
      Thanks for reading, and sharing our adventures in the Fathom Frontiers. We will check out your journals for sure.

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