It Might Be Time to Unbox Your Bigfoot

In this wacky, kooky world of Bigfoot, that we find ourselves in, lies a wide range of opinions on what this legendary creature might actually be. Most feel it’s simply an undiscovered North American primate, some think it may be some kind of alien from outer space, some have the idea it might be a demon sent to earth from the underworld and others feel this creature has the ability to travel in between dimensions using portals. Everyone has put their version of Bigfoot in a box, a place they are comfortable with, and ultimately, a place it stays without question. I do not box my Bigfoot anymore, I simply don’t know what it is and remain open to all possibilities. Heck, if this whole thing turned out not to be true and no such creature exists, I’d be alright with that.

A few years back, Jesse and I were contacted through our website by a man who wanted to meet and tell us his story. He drove over an hour to come up and tell us his experiences with Bigfoot, and what a story it was. He was hunting with his brother in an area just south of Canton, Ohio and he was heading back to where his brother had been staked out. Making his way down the trail, he rounded the corner and saw his brother sitting down under a tree looking terrified so he stopped dead in his tracks sensing something was wrong. His brother motioned to him to look to his left when he heard movement very close to him and then he saw it. He was standing directly next to a huge, very tall Bigfoot standing in between him and his brother. However, he could barely make out the creature because it was invisible, he could see right through it. The creature, realizing it had been made, let out a growl and ran off with only its footprints visible as they appeared in the soft soil as it moved. A few short moments later, about 150 yards away, in the direction the creature had gone, a very loud bang was heard and a large tree violently shook from the base of the tree all the way to the top. And just like that, it was gone.

2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference speaker Thom Powell told a story about an incident that occurred while researching where he was “zapped” by something unseen. His knees turned to jelly and he could no longer stand. He knelt down, and then he laid down on the ground falling asleep. He awoke two hours later still lying in the woods unaware of what had happened. He believes this was an infrasound “attack” by a Sasquatch. While Jesse and I were filming an interview for the “Minerva Monster” documentary Stark County Sheriff James Shannon told us about another strange incident that occurred during the same timeframe as the Bigfoot sightings in 1978. A call came in about strange lights in the sky above a corn field just on the other side of the street from the Cayton’s property and one week after the incident there. When he arrived on the scene and turned into the driveway he found the entire roadway covered in what he described as “4 feet of corn” and was unable to get through. The craziest thing about all these stories is, I believe them. Every story teller seemed to be genuine and truthful.

Of course this belief didn’t come right away, I thought about these stories and mulled over the details. I had my Bigfoot boxed in the North American primate category. Then one day I had my own encounter and it did not fit in my box. It was past midnight and I was leading a group of myself and two other guys down one of the bridal trails at Salt Fork State Park at our Bigfoot Adventure Weekends. We were about an hour deep into the woods, with just our dimly lit red headlamps, when we heard footsteps through the leaves just off the trail to our right. I had a night vision camera and one of the other guys had our thermal. I couldn’t see anything, the guy with the thermal couldn’t see anything and the footsteps kept getting closer and closer. Finally it reached a point where it felt and sounded like the very next footstep would be right into me so I flipped on my high powered Fenix TK35 800 lumen white beam flashlight and… I saw nothing. I stepped off the trail into the woods and looked behind all the nearby trees searching with my spotlight and still nothing. We were all in disbelief, something was there but where did it go. I turned off the spotlight and backed up onto the trail still in complete shock. Then we heard footsteps coming from right in front of me moving back into the woods and down the ridge. We still saw nothing. Towards the end of the video below, electronic interference can be heard, we are unsure what caused that and we did not hear it at all that night.

So I caution you to be skeptical of all Bigfoot evidence and sighting reports as not everything is a Bigfoot. But, I also ask you to keep an open mind to evidence and reports that don’t fit into your definition of Bigfoot. It’s time to unbox your Bigfoot, open your mind and let the mystery unravel itself without prejudice. I know for me, if I saw a UFO drop off a Bigfoot in the middle of the woods one night, I’d be alright with that.

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  1. As one of the guys present, I can attest to the weird excitement of having something heard directly infront of you and flipping a switch and seeing NOTHING. I was expecting a young deer or even a rabbit or something. . Three guys , white knuckled, heart racing and then “poof”, NOTHING. Alan forgot to mention we had heard one low growl about 30 min earlier on trail…Great night!

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