projectHere you can find information on current and past projects the guys have worked on.

THE BACK 80 (World Premiere Saturday May 20th, Salt Fork State Park Lodge)
Theatrical Trailer

Teaser Trailer

In the heart of mid-America, among the forests and streams, something terrifying lurks. During the summer of 2013, a woman’s world is turned upside down after seeing a creature cross the road in front of her one afternoon. She soon realizes that she is not alone on her own property and struggles to separate the truth from her own obsession. After some digging, she finds others in town who have similar stories to tell. Her quest for answers takes her to the only place these creatures could live…the abandoned, gated woods of the back eighty.

The History of Salt Fork State Park Film
UPDATE: The film was finished on May 10th, 2016 and delivered to Salt Fork State Park. It features video from around the park, historical photos and interviews with the following folks, David Thompson (Salt Fork Historian), Shirley Livingston (Stone House Docent Trainer), Cindy Coss (Salt Fork Naturalist) and Nancy Carney (Kennedy grandchild). Stay tuned for more details!

Alan and Jesse are currently working on a film about the history of Salt Fork State Park for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Stay tuned for more information, but for now, HERE is a blog post about one weekend of filming last fall.

Salt Fork State Park Self-Guided History Tour
Audio recorded during the filming of The History of Salt Fork film will be used for a self-guided tour of historical places located in and around the park. The audio and companion map should be available to pickup at a few locations in the park sometime during the summer of 2016. Stay tuned for more information.

Minerva Monster
Alan and Jesse produced a documentary film called Minerva Monster which was released in May, 2015. Minerva Monster tells the story of a small town in eastern Ohio that was thrust into the spotlight when a local family sighted a “monster” in the woods behind their home. The film features in-depth interviews with law enforcement, media personnel and witnesses and can be purchased HERE.